Babies, Bonnets & Buds: The May Garden update

  May has been a busy, sunny garden month. I had the mammoth task of weeding, which when you have a cottage style garden, where I try to encourage native wildflowers and plenty for the bees, isn't easy as half the time I've no idea if something sprouting up is a rogue hawthorn (I have … Continue reading Babies, Bonnets & Buds: The May Garden update


My Favourite Things -Monthly treats

Hello! So I thought today I'd share a few of my favourite things I treat myself to monthly. Between modernising the house and garden and various outlays (this month it was the car again after someone hit it then drove off) we don't have a lot of spare income, so whilst my list might be … Continue reading My Favourite Things -Monthly treats

Do you keep House Plants?

  My childhood home was full of plants, I think this was an 80's thing? Great big rubber plants and such. Outdoors, I love gardening; it's therapeutic, great exercise and helps make my home my castle. Inside I didn't have many plants, it was tricky to find the space where they could thrive.   I … Continue reading Do you keep House Plants?

Books and Bits from March

March in Review March is almost over and here's my round up of what's been happening this month and what's to come:   Books Read: The Lives We Touch by Eva Woods Mini review: A profoundly moving novel about the fragility and complexity of life, the choices we make, the mistakes we can't forgive ourselves for … Continue reading Books and Bits from March

Books & Bits from February

February round up So just like that February is gone. We've enjoyed lots of sunshine in most parts of the UK, half term, Valentine's Day (alas no Pancake Day, that's next Tuesday... mmmm...) and now we are dipping our toes in to March. Despite being unwell, I've been working hard on my blog this month (as … Continue reading Books & Bits from February

20 Things To Embrace In Autumn

Autumn is creeping in and it holds its own charms, here's my list of its favourite features: 1. New beginnings - This year more than ever September has signalled a new routine for us. My eldest son has just started secondary school, youngest is in juniors and we now have new things to adjust to and … Continue reading 20 Things To Embrace In Autumn

How To Be Plastic Free

Cutting down on household plastics, especially single-use plastics is such an important issue with so many ocean waste and recycling issues. I'm 37 and guilty of god knows how much waste in those years, though I've always been eco-minded and diligently recycled, put rubbish in bins, picked up litter left by others etc. But it's … Continue reading How To Be Plastic Free