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Hi there, so here’s the bit where I talk about myself instead of books…

I’m Gem, a Midlands blogger living in Derbyshire with my husband, two sons, and our senior rescue pets: Rosa the cat and Samson the Labrador.


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Let’s get the stats out of the way first. I started this blog in October 2017 but it was only at the beginning of January 2018 I started to really regularly work hard on the content. Let’s be clear, I blog for enjoyment not for stats, but I appreciate every follower, visitor, like and comment my posts have gained. In September 2018 my view figures were 734, with 387 unique visitors, 155 likes and 127 comments. My blog currently has 305 FABULOUS followers. On twitter I have 1985 followers, 1091 on Instagram, and 334 friends on Goodreads.

This blog is here for the stories, and for the books; because I’d like to share just a bit of my passion for them in the hopes of inspiring new readers. I also love food, history and nature/ the outdoors so also write blog features around these themes. We love nature and exploring as a family on staycations and visits we are also members of the RSPB & National Trust.


Books have always been a main love of mine, along with chocolate, and bees (hence the name). There was a section of life in my late teens where I stopped reading for fun, then, after having my first son, I found books were the friends I so desperately needed. On that 2 hour long 3am feed, when the only place he would sleep was nestled in to one shoulder through to when I was made redundant on maternity leave and I had no idea what to do. When he was 13 months old I found a part-time position in a library and this fueled my passion for books beyond anything I’d imagined before. I saw the difference that reading made to people of all ages, all manner of books, all manner of people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand new hardback, an e-book, a well dog-eared favourite paperback, a “how-to” book, an inspiring biography, a vibrant picture book, an exciting junior adventure book, an audiobook for filling the silence, a large-print romance, a guidebook, a cookery book or an old classic; books are for all, whenever you need them.

As a carer and literacy volunteer, reading and blogging are things I enjoy doing for my own wellbeing. Depending on how many plates I have spinning at any given time, I may not always be posting content but I love to support authors, publishers, indie bookshops and fellow bloggers whenever I can. I am also a passionate library supporter and advocate children reading for pleasure.


*Review Policy*

If you have a book you’d like my sons (age 11 & 7) or I to read and review then please get in touch on the Contacts page, via Twitter @beereader, or email us at gembeereader@gmail.com.

I review all formats, the boys only currently read hardback or paperback copies. We love a variety of genres, fiction and non-fiction. Because of commitments I can’t guarantee to be able to respond to all enquiries or review everything but do try my best and enjoy participating in blog tours.

I review honestly and in my own words all content featured unless it is specified explicitly that it is a feature, guest or content post. All views expressed are purely my own. 

All photography is my own unless specified. All rights reserved.

I post as many of our reviews as possible to Amazon, Netgalley, Toppsta, Twitter, Bookbridgr, Instagram and Goodreads.