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Hi there, so here’s the bit where I talk about myself instead.

I’m Gem, a Midlands blogger living in Derbyshire with my husband, two sons, and our senior rescue pets: Rosa the cat and Samson the Labrador.


I love interacting on social media so please find and follow me on the platforms below:

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*Stats! Here are my blog stats handy for you:

In January 2019 my view figures were 717, with 505 unique visitors. My blog currently has 369 FABULOUS followers.

On twitter I have 2133 followers.

1119 followers on Instagram.

347 friends on Goodreads.

38k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest.


This blog is here for the stories, and for the books; because I’d like to share just a bit of my passion for these in the hopes of inspiring new readers, self care and kindness. I also love food, history and nature/ the outdoors so also write blog features around these themes. We love nature and exploring as a family on staycations and visits we are also members of the RSPB & National Trust.


As a carer, a library assistant and a literacy volunteer, reading and blogging are things I enjoy doing for my own wellbeing. Depending on how many plates I have spinning at any given time, I may not always be posting content but I love to support authors, small businesses, publishers, indie bookshops, libraries and fellow bloggers whenever I can.

I am also a passionate mental health, equality and disability advocate.


*Collaboration & Review Policy*

I would love to work with any local or national business whose brand represents similar goals and interests to mine (e.g. health, wellness, self care, family, food, countryside, nature, holidays, home, gardening). If this interests you, please contact me via any of my social media accounts, email gembeereader@gmail.com, or use the contact page on here.

I review honestly and in my own words all content featured unless it is specified explicitly that it is a feature, guest or content post. All views expressed are purely my own. 

All photography is my own unless specified. All rights reserved.