Beeswax Wraps Review

The Beeswax Wrap Co Review

IMG_20181012_102033I thought I’d post a little review about a product I am absolutely in love with!

As we have been really trying to reduce our single use plastic in our house for a year now beeswax wraps have made a huge difference.

My first pack was a random brand I purchased from a National Trust shop which was ok but after several months of use they needed replacing. Carly and Fran from The Beeswax Wrap Co make their organic products in the UK and support British Bees (and Keith their beekeeper) so it was a no-brainer to try them for my next set and I am so glad I did.



I chose the cheese pack as these contain are three medium 30cm square sized sheets that we have found to be a great size for not just cheese but also for covering bowls, wrapping sandwiches, and covering left overs. This pack was £20 but packs start at £10 and come in a variety of patterns.

I received a lovely handwritten note from them in my order and just reading the information on the back of the pack (along with the insight in to their beekeeper and production processes on their website and their social media pages) shows how great their company is.


I was so impressed with the colourful pineapple design and my son likes the blue deckchair stripe sheet too so everyone’s happy. The crimped finishing on the edge of the sheets help them not to fray like some other brands do and they look and feel much more sturdy. I have been using them now for a few weeks and highly recommend them. They wrap easily and store well in the fridge and lunchboxes.



All Beeswax wrap sheets have a honey-like scent to them but this does not transfer on to what you wrap in them, not even bread/sandwiches. So don’t worry, your cheese stays deliciously cheese smelling, doesn’t dry out and lasts longer using the wraps.

To clean them after use you just use cold water and a bit of washing up liquid and scrub them lightly, then they just drip dry over your sink or hang on the washing line. When they eventually have worn out (after at least a years use) you can compost them or put them in your garden waste bin.

If you want to stop buying freezer bags or using clingfilm/tinfoil to cover leftovers and lunches these are so easy to use and versatile and definitely worth the investment. I am sure the amount of use we have had from this pack it has already paid for itself.



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