20 Things To Embrace In Autumn


Autumn is creeping in and it holds its own charms, here’s my list of its favourite features:

1. New beginnings

This year more than ever September has signalled a new routine for us. My eldest son has just started secondary school, youngest is in juniors and we now have new things to adjust to and embrace. Slightly daunting, but it always feels like a fresh beginning; a chance to open clean exercise books, wear crisp new clothes (sorry mini mancub yours are predominantly hand-me-downs), and you can make that in to a fresh start all round.

2. Thick socks

Screenshot_20180907-165135Yes, there’s always a point (probably by October) where you are lamenting the task of putting your sandals to the back of the wardrobe and you’re already fed up of wearing socks constantly, but thick fluffy socks are cosy, and always a little chance to express your personality (unless your school has a sock policy like aforementioned eldest’s new secondary school where it’s plain grey/black ONLY…BOOOOOOO! well it’ll have to be neon boxers then son).

3. Pet snuggles-

My cat Rosa wholeheartedly agrees with point 3 whilst curled up on my lap, limiting my use of one arm and pinning my sleeve to my hip with one paw. Prrrrrrrrrrrr


4. Hot drinks –

Screenshot_20180907-164627Mock Pumpkin spiced lattes (PSL) all you bloody want but Autumn brings a whole new meaning to refreshments. A warm cup of something comforting, whatever your tastes (Spiced apple? Gingerbread? Cinnamon? Rich Espresso? Bailey’s Hot Chocolate?), is a treat and Autumn delivers it (with cake, of course).


5. Scenery changes-

Screenshot_20180907-164705Oh the colours – always stunning especially in Derbyshire, I’m biased I know but look at it. Things take on a different form as the cold creeps in and frosts nip. Of course this has the added bonus of leaf kicking & conkers.


6. Layers- 

Coats, jackets, coatigans, cardigans, scarves, base layers… lots of ways to feel toasty.

7. Warm colours –

Mustards, reds, oranges, teals; just because this sky goes dark doesn’t mean my wardrobe has to. Go ahead, dye your hair copper, paint your nails red.

8. Pyjamas –

Screenshot_20180907-165108My name is Gem and I have a pyjama problem.

I love nightwear and though cami sets and culottes are equally as addictive, the brushed cotton leggings & long sleeved ribbed tops for the cooler evenings are my favourite fix. In fact I’ve just bought two new sets reduced in Next because…. well because. I am not a onesie fan though, but you know, each to their own, you do you.

9. Starry skies- 

Autumn has the Harvest Moon and some of the clearest skies so wrap up warm & enjoy as the nights draw in sooner.

10. Candles, fires & fairy lights –


Wine & book optional. Actually no, they are a must.

11. Boots – 

I’m quite picky about my shoes but I love knee boots and ankle boots, preferably in tan, dark grey or black.

12. Blankets & fluffy cushions- 

I have an addiction with blankets & throws almost as bad as my PJ obsession.

13. Apples & plums-


My favourite fruits apart from strawberries are apples and Victoria plums which are the jewels of British Autumn, and they make a great crumble.

14. Birds & squirrels-

I love that you see more of the birds and wildlife in gardens and parks once the leaves fall and the nights get colder; I promise if you put some suet and peanuts out they will come. Robins are my favourite birds.

15. Winter books-

36060695Christmas and Winter books are the ultimate escapism for me. I’ll be doing a post shortly listing my top favourite winter books.

16. Comfort Food –

Screenshot_20180907-164618Yasssssss, you knew food was incoming. Some of my favourite dishes are warm, comforting foods like Mac cheese, pies, soups, casseroles, roast dinners, mashed potatoes, ratatouille. I love salads but by the end of Summer it’s welcoming to be able to cook, and eat, a steaming hot plate of delicious grub (but Instagram it first).


17. Food Banks –

If you are fortunate enough to not need food banks it’s sometimes easy to forget they are there, restocking from the summer holidays and doing brilliant work to provide food and personal item essentials to people in crisis. But they are there and increasingly an absolute lifesaver in every community. There are also (often linked but not always) homeless charities & volunteers helping those without permanent housing. It is a great time to donate much needed items. The Trussell Trust are an excellent way to find your local drop off point or ask in your local supermarket/ library/ school if they are doing collection points. Much needed items are: non-perishable foods (especially those that can just be made using a kettle or microwave) so soups, pasta, tinned fruit/veg, coffee/tea, beans & dried herbs, sanitary products, toilet paper, deodorant, shower gel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, nappies, baby wipes, hand wipes, laundry pods/powder, baby food, and socks for homeless charities.

18. Chocolate Oranges

Screenshot_20180907-164611These surely never go out of fashion but they are more easy to find once shops start stocking the Halloween/Christmas combo of sugar highs.

19. Heather – 

I think the gorgeous hues of heather out in flower is worthy of it’s own place on this list, don’t you?Screenshot_20180907-164408

20. Planning –

I do love planning, even if I am awful at sticking to said plans. Without mentioning the C word, there are big things coming up in Winter that I have to plan for and this year I am trying to use my bullet journal and lists to ensure that I take things steady (I was full of flu last Christmas and burn-out is a common feature of January for me so I am hoping a better approach helps). I need to budget, I need my flu jab, I need to prepare for my youngest’s birthday, I need to budget and not leave things to get overwhelming, and I need to keep time for myself to work out and do yoga. Obviously attractive stationery and lots of lists will help me with all of this!


What are your favourite things about the Autumn months?


All photos featured are taken by myself, all rights reserved.



28 thoughts on “20 Things To Embrace In Autumn

  1. Love everything about this post Gem – I adore Autumn 🍁🕸🍃🎃🍂I cracked open the hot choc at the weekend and I can’t wait to snuggle into my wintry pjs (I also have a pj obsession – it’s so bad I haven’t even got through all my new summer sets 🤔) x


  2. I loveee this post Gem! It’s given me all the cosy Autumn vibes. Rosa is such a cutie! Cat cuddles and being all cosy is the best. I also have a pyjama obsession and love hot drinks & chocolate oranges! That’s a great reminder about the food banks too. Thank you for sharing lovely ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • Spring is definitely my top favourite because it’s my birthday and the start of all new life which is uplifting after long winters, the dark doesn’t affect me so I can relate, glad you find some parts of Autumn with embracing though x


  3. Awesome list. Here in the US, especially Texas, autumn weather is perfection. Not too cold nor too hot. So I like eating outside, going to the park or zoo. Dressing in light layers is a must along with eating some warm cuisine like jambalaya, lasagna or pot roast. I too get excited with the planning aspect as autumn brings the beginning of holidays and I truly cannot wait!

    Natonya | http://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this post so much! I can’t wait until we can get further into Autumn and I can pull out my fluffy socks and knitwear full time – this transitional weather is nice and all but I go our bundled up and come home baking!

    Liked by 1 person

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