Book Tour- The Stig Plays A Dangerous Game by Jon Claydon & Tim Lawler @daydreamin_star


The Stig Plays A Dangerous Game 


The Stig Plays a Dangerous GameThe Blurb:

An enigmatic racing driver. A bunch of kids. One hell of a ride …

Sam Wheeler may be the new boy in Bunsfold, but he’s got a feeling that all is not well either in the town or at Bunsfold High – and he’s not just talking about the maths teacher with the unfortunate flatulence. A local boy, Buster Mustang, has recently gone missing, and no one seems to care – they’re all too busy playing the highly addictive video game Xenon or getting the town ready for its very first TT race. Both are the brainchild of mysterious local billionaire PT Cruiser. Besides global domination, PT Cruiser wants nothing more than to destroy his nemesis The Stig once and for all – and his TT race is just what he needs to tempt him on to the big stage again …

Sam sets out with his new friends Minnie Cooper and Ford Harrison to uncover the truth behind all the strange goings-on in Bunsfold – but danger has a habit of showing up wherever they do, and soon all that stands between our heroes and disaster is … a taciturn man in a white suit.

Suitable for ages 9-12

Release Date: 8th March 2018

Genre: MG Adventure

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Format: Paperback

Amazon Link:

Or via Hive

Author Information

Jon Claydon

Jon wrote sell-out shows at Edinburgh while at university before plumping for a career in advertising and technology investment that has seen him become a fixture on the Sunday Times ‘Britain’s 500 Most Influential People’ list. One day, while attending to one of many sidelines – as a columnist for Top Gear magazine – Jon had a moment. Alone in a lift, he met The Stig, who non-verbally communicated that it was high time someone wrote a book for his many younger fans. Jon called Tim, they fired up their flux capacitor and returned, sliding-doors-style, to the career they’d always thought they should have had in the first place.

Tim Lawler

Tim Lawler wrote sell-out Edinburgh shows at university before spending many years in ventures such as building and filling a fringe theatre, performing stand-up poetry, living in various parts of the globe and working as an advertising brand planner.


I am looking forward to sharing this with children I volunteer with at school, and adding it to the shelves there as I’m sure it will be a popular choice.

Many Thanks to Faye Rogers for inviting us to join in this tour please see reviews of this book at the stops below:

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