Great Gifts for Bookworms

If you care for a bookworm you must feed and water them, not interrupt them at critical plot points, be prepared for lots of library/bookshop exploring, and listen to why the book is always better than the film,  and usually this is enough to show them you are committed but should you want to go that bit extra and buy them gifts, well here are some quick ideas…

  • Book related pin badges




  • Tote bag for carrying new books


  • Stationery


  • Book Journals – where you can record the books you read, rate and review them.


  • Early/1st or special editions of their favourite books – a bookshop can help you source these or there is a good selection on eBay


  • Old books on their favourite topics such as old guidebooks for places you visit together/, old cook books, or books they read in childhood or old ladybird books are very popular to collect. eBay is your friend, as are charity shops and secondhand bookshops (National Trust properties often have these).


  • Signed books by the author – many great independent bookstores have events with authors and will have stock available to buy that is signed or places like Waterstones sell signed copies also.


  • Reading or Kindle accessories such as cover cases, beanbag or stand.


  • A readers retreat holiday or basically anywhere with a peaceful window seat/book nook


Feel free to print copies of this post to “conveniently” leave lying about for someone to find!



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